Tonight is a big night for us as we will be attending a Transition Banquet for our daughter marking her move from one school to another.  Big deal in our household made even bigger by the fact that she will be giving a speech as well as performing a flute solo during the evening. I am sure I do not need to even mention how we agonized over what to wear, further complicated by the perhaps more important question about which killer shoes we should purchase as the perfect accompaniment for her awesome new dress. Of course, my mom intervened and bought her the wildest and most awesome Steve Madden heels–with an inappropriately high (but fun!) heel.  Being the true over-achiever that my daughter is, she started practicing walking in the heels a couple of weeks ago and mastered not only going up and down steps, but doing so carrying her flute and music, all without spraining an ankle in the process. While I am thoroughly looking forward to the evenings festivities, I must admit that I am not going to breathe easily until her performances are over and she is safely sitting beside me.
Once this evening is over, I can turn my attention to picking up our oldest who will be returning home from college after his freshman year.  I cannot wait for the weekend and it is a long weekend at that.  Woo hoo! Great sales abound and I plan to hit a few stores to enjoy the great deals. Forever21 is offering 30%OFF a huge selection of summery items from shorts and tops to bathings suits and accessories.  The adorable sunny yellow tank–one of my top picks–is about $8.00 after the discount while the fringe-inspired earrings come to about $3.50 after the discount has been applied.  You really cannot beat those prices.  Happy Wednesday!
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