Brand Watch: A Peace Treaty
Mother Nature, you are really getting on my nerves!  Honestly, not only is it Monday, but it snowed at least 4 inches last night and it is supposed to be spring.  I swear if one person tells me not to worry about it because spring snow disappears so quickly, I may scream.  There should not be snow in the spring.  None!  Not at all!  That said, while it is a snowy Monday, we still have another week left of spring break so it is really could be worse,  I suppose–like next Monday and the return to school. Eek! Plus, what better way to get my mind off the weather than to share some gorgeous jewelry I discovered this weekend from the brand A Peace Treaty.
I must admit a little secret of mine which is that I sometimes play a game called Covet which my daughter discovered and quickly brought to my attention.  Basically, it is a wanna-be-stylist’s dream with high end clothing and jewelry to style on pretty virtual models.  The best part is that all the clothing, shoes and accessories can be bought directly through the website.  See it, style it and then buy it for yourself.  Too much fun.  I was introduced to A Peace Treaty jewelry through this game and have since followed the brand on my own and have added many of their pieces (some shown above) to my wish list.  Please check them out and let me know you think!
Graphic Arts
Hello, Monday! After a very long and hectic week and first part of the weekend, we had a fabulous time just hanging around the house doing next to nothing yesterday.  The weather was gorgeous, so we spent plenty of time outside soaking up the sunshine and trying to decompress after our frantic week of tests, concerts and sporting events.  Since my children are off from school for two whole weeks now, Monday does not seem so bad especially since I had some fun choosing some items from the LOFT sale (40% OFF select items/no code needed) going on right now.  I have been looking for open-toe shooties and these cost less than $30 after the discount is applied and those adorable sunnies?  They are less than $10 after the discount.  I suppose a stop at LOFT will be in order today, but don’t worry, I will plan something fun for the children, too!
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Friday Kicks!
Happy weekend, everyone!  The sun is shining, the birds are singing and it is the Friday before our two week break.  Doesn’t get much better than that, right?  This was a super hectic week for us and I am thrilled to be able to have a couple of weeks to decompress and to give my children a break from academia.  So, what is on tap for the next couple of weeks?  Who knows and that is the best part.  I am trying to think outside my overly rigid and tightly scheduled box and allow for some fee time where maybe the only thing we do is play outside and have some unstructured fun.  Of course, doing so requires some comfortable and stylish footwear so in steps my choices for fun, colorful and spring-inspired fabulous sneakers.  From die-cut florals to brightly-hued cross trainers, the options are seemingly endless and when paired with  ankle pants or tee-shirt dresses, you can be trendy, yet comfortable, while watching your children at sporting events or antiquing or simply dining al fresco and enjoying the lovely weather.  Hope you all have the opportunity to get outside and have some fun.
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I simply cannot believe the incredible weather we are having this week.  I am trying to enjoy every minute of the sunshine and hoping that the icy cold days of winter are truly behind us.  Not only are the days getting warmer, but they are also going to be getting busier what with all the events that springtime usually brings along with it.  I swear social events such as weddings and baby showers increase incrementally as we head toward summer plus, throw Easter into the mix, and we have ample need for lots of beautiful dresses.  I happened to be scrolling through the NordstromRack site (I cannot get over their amazing prices!) and picked out the beauties shown above.  The darling dress with the awesome beaded skirt is less than $30 and that gorgeous gown–I just had to include it in the mix because it would be a fabulous choice for an evening event–is less than $90!  Sexy, stylish and budget-friendly.  A win all around.
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Monday, Monday
Yes, somehow Monday snuck up on us again.  I hope you all had the opportunity to enjoy the weekend.  We certainly did and for the first time in what seems like forever, our weather cooperated as well giving us the ‘spring preview’ we have been craving for so long.  Of course, despite the gorgeous weather this weekend and the promise of more to come this week, I have sneaky feeling that winter might have a little more in store for us in my neck of the woods.  As soon as we become used to the warmer temperatures, BAM, we get socked with what is affectionately called by the locals as ‘spring snow.’  We have lived here almost 7 years now and I still cannot get used to snow in April!  I mean, honestly, what is up with that?
Weather aside, my other focus for the upcoming season is adding to my wardrobe and what better way to do that than with some pieces that are wearable right now, in spring and then again in early fall.  Take the colored suede skirt (fall trend alert!) from H&M I have chosen above.  It makes a great outfit for work right now when paired with a blouse and cropped blazer, then lose the blazer come spring, add an adorable short sleeve sweater and you have yet another stylish look for work or play. Come fall, top it off with a cozy sweater and add knee high boots and you will be ready for those cool, crisp days in style.
I have also chosen some of my favorite items from the new arrivals at H&M shown above.  Remember, Monday is easier to handle when shopping is involved.
Naturally Neutral
Happy Friday, everyone!  It has been a crazy week and next week promises to be even more crazy.  Thankfully, the sun is shining, the temperature is above zero for a change and the weekend is almost here. While my weekends are typically filled with activities for my children, we always seem to be able to fit in a little shopping here and there for mom’s sanity.  This weekend, I am looking for some items to add some freshness to my wardrobe and to help extend the life of some of my key navy, black and brown transitional skirts and pants so that I can continue to wear them through early spring.  I love all the neutral tones that work so beautifully with both the darker colors of winter as well as with the more traditional colors of spring such the gorgeous pastel pinks, blues and greens that I am seeing in stores right now.  Sometimes, it does not take more than an new item or two (okay, or ten!) to give your wardrobe the face-lift it needs to keep you looking stylish well into the next season.
Have a great weekend!
Wear Now and Later
I love being able to buy something now and be able to change it up a little and wear it come springtime.  Be it a skirt, pants or a dress, switching out boots for sandals or a sweater for a cropped top extends your wardrobe and solves the ‘I have nothing to wear’ issue in an instant.  The same midi skirt from Nordstrom can be transformed from a winter work outfit with that awesome coral cowl neck sweater and black booties to a sexy Friday night date night in the spring one by swapping out the sweater for the cropped top or peplum tank and adding those sexy pumps and some funky jewelry from MetalMarvels.  One skirt can transcend the seasons and go from work to play seemingly without effort.  Options, they’re a good thing!
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11 Under $20
Oh my gosh, is it Monday already?  I swear Starbucks should come up with a size larger than venti for Monday mornings–and any other time when you need BIG amounts of coffee to cope with life.  Plus, Mondays during the winter are the worst especially when there is yet another snowstorm on the way.  Yuck.  I am so done–notice the allusion I just made to the tee shirt above?  I so need that tee from Forever 21 and I know it would be on wardrobe repeat for me! You really have to check out their new arrivals as you can expand your wardrobe without needing to expand your budget to boot.  I just love that crocheted top and I can see myself wearing it under a fitted blazer for work and then alone with some skinnies and heels for a casual date night.  Can you believe all the items shown above are less than $20? Happy Monday!
Weekend Wear
Happy weekend, everyone!  Boy, this was a long and not fun week for me so I am hoping this weekend offers an opportunity for me to mentally reset and prep for next week–maybe even get in a little quality retail therapy that I so need.  I must admit that dealing with the super cold days of winter has made me somewhat lazy in my daily wardrobe choices.  Yoga pants?  Don’t mind if I do.  However, with spring in the offing and my sons’ lacrosse season almost underway, I had better rethink some of my outfit choices so as not to embarrass the boys–and myself–once I no longer can hide under my long down coat. This weekend, Old Navy is running a great sale to get started on buying lots of stylish pieces perfect for wearing on a weekend trip, after work or to that lacrosse field!  Be sure to stop by or shop online to receive 40% off with the code STYLE (cardholders only) or 30% 0ff code STYLE (everyone).  Have fun!