Errands and Coffee
It is spring, no?  Just checking because it seems as though Mother Nature has decided we needed a little more winter today in my neck of the woods.  The wind is howling, it is hovering in the high 30’s and it feels as though I should be putting the final touches on my Thanksgiving menu.  Simply put, I am freezing and cranky and it is Monday to boot. Yuck!
On tap for the day is a bunch of errands capped off by after school dentist appointments for my children which just adds to my already sour mood.  I am in dire need of coffee (Triple Venti Latte is my pick of the day) and a comfortable outfit so that I can look stylish without feeling uncomfortable.  Old Navy is having a great sale (online only use code JACKPOT, sale ends 4/21) on tons of clearance items including my picks shown above.  Can you believe that not one of my choices is over $30 after the discount is applied?  The uber-comfortable maxi skirt with the leg-baring side slit is less than $20 after the discount.  Fashionable, easy-to-wear basics on sale. My day is looking better already.
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TGIF everyone! I put together a collection of some fun finds from TJMaxx and not one of them is over $40.  The adorable striped midi-skirt (which would look so cute with those crocheted sneakers) is less than $10!  The paisley skirt would work well with a cute blazer and heels for work or dressed down with sandals and a tee-shirt for a relaxed weekend of shopping or site-seeing.  I just love the fact that fringe is all the rage now and it looks as though it is here to stay through Fall, so being able to add a stylish bag to my wardrobe for less than $30 is a total win. Be sure to check out these items as well as all the new arrivals at TJMaxx this weekend.Enjoy!
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Nude Detox
I just had to share this new product I discovered as a free sample from an order I placed with Sephora. After trying it, I had to rush out to buy the full-size bottle because I loved it so much.  The caption on the sample caught my eye first–brightening fizzy powder wash. Doesn’t that sound intriguing?  It did to me, so I could not wait to try it.  I loved the concept of a fizzy powder as it seemed as though it would be light and ‘fun’ to use and it did not disappoint. As soon as I added water to it, it started to effervesce and when I applied it to my face, I could almost feel the dirt and grime being lifted away by all those tiny bubbles. What a refreshing experience. As soon as I rinsed my face, I could see that my skin was brighter and it felt impossibly clean without feeling dried out or tight.  I guess you can tell I really was impressed by Nude Detox.  Just wanted to share my love for this product.  Hope you love it if you decide to try it, too!
Note–I was not compensated for this review either monetarily nor in the form of free product.  I just wanted to share my opinion about my new skincare discovery!
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Bags Galore!
Hey, Friday! Thanks for finally showing up this week.  What a crazy week it was for us with the promise of more of the same next week as well plus a pretty hectic weekend ahead, too.  I hope you all have a chance to slow down and enjoy some of your weekend and that your weather is lovely–no kidding, we actually had snow here this morning.  Granted it was those big, beautiful wet flakes that were gone within the hour but still. Snow in April?  I will never get used to living here.
While I might not have a choice about where we are living right now, I certainly have options when buying a new handbag.  Have you seen all the great bags that are in the stores right now?  From satchels to hobos to bucket bags (one of my favorites) and more, I think it is safe to say that there is something for everyone out there.  I have to admit that I need to buy more than one as I love the structure a satchel offers, but I also crave the softness and versatility of a hobo like the lovely neutral one from TJMaxx or the funky fringed (Coachella anyone?) one from Aeropostale. So many choices.  Which one is your favorite?
Happy weekend!
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Nothing seems to be working right for me today, so I have decided to change things up a little and tell you a little about myself in stead of writing one of my regular posts.  So, without further adieu, here are five facts about me…
1. I was hooked on fashion from approximately 5 years old when my grandfather, a professional photographer, put a copy of Glamour magazine in my hot little hands.
2. Not only do I love shoes, but I keep them in their original boxes and I write the date of purchase on the box along with a brief description of the shoe.
3. I am a Type A+ personality who craves order and control (reference #2). You know the type–all my labels face forward in the cabinets and refrigerator, my closet is colorized by season, family and friends refer to me affectionally as ‘intense.’
4. My first job out of college was as an Assistant Buyer of Electronics for a major department store in Brooklyn, NY.
5. I used to write all my notes in French when I was in school so that no one could borrow them.
Bonus fact–I am an only child and extremely competitive (reference #3 & #5–the thought of someone studying from my notes and potentially doing better on a test was too much to handle).
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As if Mondays are not bad enough already, today is rainy and cold and marks the end of spring break for my son who heads back to college this evening. Although I have made great strides in becoming more used to this whole college experience, I still have trouble when he walks out the door.  Frankly, I will never get used to the separation and I dread the day that I will be an empty nester once his siblings head off to college and out the door as well.  I joke that I should ‘adopt’ a pre-schooler and follow that child and his/her parents along throughout the school years just so that I can have the experience of doing it again because i love those early years so much. My favorite time is pregnancy through kindergarten, such a magical time. I really should have started having children earlier in life so that I could have had a larger family, however, my husband would argue that children is definitely more than enough regardless of when we got started having them!
On a different note, if you have some time today you should definitely check out the awesome 50% everything sale at LOFT.  I am definitely going to pick up that adorable swing top which comes to less than $23 after the discount and that boho-insprired lace top–so feminine and airy–is $25 after the discount has been applied.  Too many options to list so be sure to check it out.  A great way to brighten your Monday!
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Dressing With Options
Happy Monday?  I am not feeling it at all given that my children headed back to school after a two week break and I have a serious case of the Monday blues.  Now that we are back in full swing, what with academic and sport responsibilities, I feel as though we are sucked into a vortex only to be spit out on the last day of school.  Mind you, it is not all doom and gloom, but we are a very active family and sometimes I feel caught up in the mix with deadlines, schedules and very little input into how my day plays out.  I care about options and choices and with the children in school, personal choice is a rare commodity.
A good thing there are lots of options when it comes to getting dressed in the morning (at least I can be in complete control of at least something, right?). With Easter just around the corner, I want to choose something stylish but wearable and, most importantly, I want to choose a dress that I can put ‘on repeat’ throughout the season. I love the options shown above, but my favorite is the blush two-piece lace dress from SaksOff5th which offers the look of a dress but the versatility of a top and mid skirt that can each be worn with other items already in your closet.
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Dress For Less...
Today is our last day of a two week spring break and I have some very unhappy children on my hands. I have to admit that I feel the same way, but my ‘party line’ is the fact that once we go back, we are basically on a bullet train to the end of the year.  We really only have two months left and then a very blissful three month long hiatus from homework, tests, projects and all things academic.  I will be saying this over and over this weekend and maybe, just maybe, Monday morning won’t the the horror story I am anticipating.
The weekend is almost here though and i hope you all have fun plans.  I am headed to a high-end pop up shop sale and I cannot wait to see all the beautiful clothes, shoes and style options from designers such as Manolo Blahnik and Rag & Bone.  It should be crazy!
Speaking of crazy, there is an awesome dress sale happening right now at Forever21 that I just had to share.  The offer is a BOGO and the second dress is 50%OFF (code B1G150%OFF) which is great, but when you start at prices like $15 for that strapless maxi shown above, the sale is almost too good to be true.  Happy shopping!
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They're Back...
Unless you are still floating in a psychedelic haze, you know that one of the hottest style trends happening right now is the return of the fashion from the 70’s.  From crocheted tops to bellbottom jeans, stores are teaming with these cool styles to incorporate into your wardrobe.  But what if you don’t want to look as though you just left Woodstock–or Coachella for you younger readers (trust me, Woodstock was before my time, too, though not far enough)? I think the best way to wear a trend, but not be overwhelmed by it, is to start by choosing one piece that can easily work with items you already own. Take, for instance, bellbottom pants.  What a great addition to your spring wardrobe and if you are anything like me, you are slightly bored with wearing boyfriend jeans, no matter how unbelievably comfortable they are, right?  Bellbottoms offer a completely different silhouette and when paired with a cropped tee or a tank, the look is new and fresh and totally wearable without making you feel as though you are in a time warp. Be sure to check out the my picks (shown above) from Forever 21 where you can choose from a variety of ‘groovy’ styles that are very budget-friendly.
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