Seasonal Transitions
Transitions are not easy for me especially the one that takes us from the beautiful days of summer into the cooler days of fall and then into the horrible, deep-freeze that is our Minnesota winter. Yuck! But I am getting too far ahead of myself–just the mere mention of our never-ending winter sends a shiver down my spine. Let’s get back on track though, shall we? Fall is but a month away but in most areas, the cooler weather comes on slowly allowing for many more weeks of open-toed shoes and cutout booties. I love how I can start wearing some of these booties early in the season without looking as though I have jumped right into winter boots. All three of my picks happen to be Vince Camuto and they are definitely going to be added to my wishlist for fall.  Imagine the open-weave stilettos with your favorite skinny jeans or the open-toe fringe booties with a midi-skirt which is such an on trend look for fall. Maybe some transitions are not that band after all. Please leave a comment and let me know which items are on your fall wishlist!
Dress Up
If it seems as though I have been MIA, I apologize, but this summer seems to be exceptionally busy for us plus, there have been numerous times when I have wanted to write a blog only to find my little guy happily ensconced at my computer, checking out pro lacrosse videos on YouTube. He watches them over and over again, studying the plays and then he tries to implement them during his own games. How can I kick him off, right? Just too cute!
Since he is happily watching TV with his sister right now and I just had to share sale information from Banana Republic, I am taking back control of my computer (for the moment at least). I love dresses because they make getting dressed so simple. Grab a dress, accessorize it with some great jewelry, add some killer shoes and you are out the door. If you can take advantage of a great sale on dresses–and a whole lot more–while you are at it, all the better! That sexy wrap dress is less than $25 after the 40%Off additional (Code BRSAVE) discount is taken. The hot red one-shoulder dress, just perfect for a night of dancing or cocktails with that special someone, is less than $40 after the additional discount. Great styles, great sale. Be sure to check it out!
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pop Art
Pop art was a movement in the art worlds of both the US and Britain in the mid-1950’s designed to challenge the concept of fine art by incorporating imagery of pop culture. Interesting, no? While I personally would not wear a dress designed to look like a giant can of soup nor would I wear a comic strip printed skirt, I do like the idea of using pop art pieces in small doses to add (wait for it…) a pop of color to an outfit. I just love that colorful multi-strand fabric beaded necklace from H&M that would add just the right amount of color to a simple navy or white tee or, if you are feeling exceptionally daring, it would be the perfect foil for a bright sunshine yellow or fire engine red top as well. Those killer graphic studded heels from Qupid pair well with dress, pants and of course, skinny jeans of all colors. The bottomline is that the power of a pop art piece is up to you because its boldness depends on how daring you feel–tone it down with neutrals or fire it up by pairing it with bolder colors. Try it and let me know what you think!
Okay, so tell me why I have never been in Francesca’s before? I have passed by the store numerous times but for some reason, I did not go in. I am definitely regretting that decision today as my daughter finally cajoled me to go in (she spied this adorable dress as we headed past the door) and I loved it. Not only are the styles different and fresh–you will not see yourself coming and going in the same old choices–but the prices are fantastic. Right now, Francesca’s is running a 40% OFF clearance price sale. I love when I go into a store and my eyes are immediately drawn to a variety of very wearable and fun styles. I saw an adorable yellow mesh beach cover-up with a fringe bottom that would be perfect for a vacation by the shore or a day trip to the lake or pool. You really ned to take the time to walk around the store as they not only have lovely clothes but jewelry, handbags, and gift items as well. We are heading back tomorrow for a dress I foolishly hesitated about today. I just have to have it! Hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend and have a great start to your week!
Oh, Monday!
I am in a panic because the summer is flying by far too quickly for my liking. Each year I dread the arrival of July 4th, not because I am not a fan of fireworks and grilling, but rather because it means “Back to School” merchandise is now displayed everywhere we go. I mean, seriously, the start of July is not exactly the end of summer, right? Why can’t retailers wait until at least August before we are inundated with school stuff–and I am a huge lover all  types of school supplies. You know how I feel about shoes? Well, school supplies are not far behind on my ‘love’ list.
Want to know what else I love? Yep, a great sale from a great store and Zara tops my list for beautiful clothing and accessories. Right now, there is also a super sale going on that you simply have to check out. That gorgeous colored stone necklace–a great statement piece for everything from casual maxi dresses to transitioning into Fall (did I just say that???) when paired with a gorgeous sweater or blouse. Just $19.99! Those double strap heels are gorgeous and a fabulous neutral to add to your shoe wardrobe for only $39.99 (reduced from $79.90). Aw, you don’t have to thank me but be sure to check out the sale!
Going Bananas!
It is that time of the year again, folks! If you are a Banana Republic lover like I am (or even if you are not YET, you will be, trust me) than you must head over to BR this weekend for the awesome sale they are running right now through 6/30. As if the sale prices are not fabulous enough, you can take an additional 40% OFF the sale prices for the next four days. I have had the Larkin Tote on my wish list forever and now it is next to impossible to not buy it (but don’t tell my husband, okay?) as it will be less than $85 after the discount has been applied. Do you love that coral trapeze dress? It has such a great flow to it and it transitions beautifully from a day at the beach to a casual seaside dinner and the best part is that it is a very budget-friendly $30 after the discount. Throw in the little black and white racerback tee for $12, while you are at it as I definitely plan to add that staple to my wardrobe, too. It will be on repeat all summer long.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Be sure to get out and enjoy the sun and the sale!
Today has not been the best day, in fact, this week will not be winning any prizes either. Sure I have had some fun times especially watching my boys when they finish at lacrosse camp (thanks, Northstarlax!) and they are so eager to tell me every little detail from their day or sharing some alone time with my daughter–a commodity with three brothers around for the summer. So, what’s the problem? We have been experiencing a very difficult and emotional time as a family and though I have a smile on my face for my children, this week has been particularly hard on me. For reasons you really don’t want me to go into on my style blog (check out Thinking Soup, if you would like to read the back story), I am having trouble managing seeing all the ‘beautiful and perfect’ images on my Instagram and Snap Chat feeds. Looking at them this week seems to be both a blessing and a curse–I find that looking at all the gorgeous pictures and super stylish images helps me to escape from what is not exactly a fun time for us. The other side of the coin, however, is that sometimes all that ‘perfection’ can depress me even more than I already am and it sometimes underscores all that I seem to be lacking both emotionally and (guilty as charged) materialistically. Yes, I know that I could simply stop looking or stop following some of my bloggers (and I know that those images are not true reflections of their daily lives, too) but I honestly don’t want to because more oft than not reading about someone else’s life is my favorite form of escape.
Okay, so I have gone on long enough and provided no great stylish items to check out today but, I am leaving you with that awesome beach shot of Head of the Meadows Beach in Truro, MA. If you live near there, lucky you! If not, be sure to visit if you get the chance. One day, when we move back to the best coast, I am going to visit every beach I can to make up for lost time. I can dream, can’t I?
Happy Hump Day! Almost made it to the weekend!