While I am new to the fashion blogging game myself, I have been following style bloggers for over two years now on all social media, but I read something today that surprised me–talk about being a novice!  While I know that money can buy lots of things, I was unaware that money could buy ‘followers.’  I honestly did not know that there are tons of services to buy followers to spike your Instagram totals and potentially aid in getting product endorsements and elevating the monetization of your blog to a whole new level.  On the one hand, I suppose I should not be surprised but, on the other, it really annoys me to think that I am now caught in the unenviable position of knowing that if I want to remain authentic and honest, it will take me infinitely longer to achieve any level of monetization than it would someone ready to hand over a fistful of cash in return for 10,000 followers.  Although on some level an argument could made for doing so, I suppose my biggest issue with buying followers is that it somehow dilutes your personal success. It is kind of like buying a term paper in college.  You may get a better grade than if you had written it yourself but you cannot escape the fact that you cheated to do so.
For me, the real question is reduced to how I measure my own success.  Anyone can buy followers and gain endorsements, but at the end of the day, that would not be enough for me.  I want to know that my hard work and creativity, not my cash, garnered my success. Of course, everyone has her own definition of success and the steps she will take in order to attain it, but I feel that this type of shortcut is not the right choice for me so while I will definitely struggle and need to work harder, at the end of the day, I know I earned whatever level of success I have attained.
On a different note and to step off my soap box for the day, I recently discovered the Dorothy Perkins site and I fell in love with the beautiful clothing, shoes and accessories I found there, not to mention the fantastic prices.  With spring almost in full bloom, what better color to add to your wardrobe than blush–my favorites shown above– which is such a perfect neutral to coordinate not only with white and cream, but also as the perfect foil for navy, black or shades of green.  Dorothy Perkins is currently offering 20% 0ff dresses and shoes.  Happy shopping!
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