Shoe Obsession
I am a total shoe addict which is not so much a confession as much as a statement of the obvious. My shoe total is in the triple digits but we won’t mention that to my husband, okay?  The funny thing is that despite sharing a closet, I really don’t think he has a clue as to how many pairs of shoes I actually own or perhaps he just has the decency to not mention it if he does.  I appreciate that, really I do especially since I have absolutely no intention of curtailing this little addiction of mine. I am currently obsessed with the lucite heel and the dove gray lace-ups are at the top of my ‘Lusting For’ list.  That said, they are from Barneys and cost $1125 so they will stay on the list and alas will not be added to my closet. Sigh.  The sexy two-tone embellished pair will definitely be coming home with me!  They cost less than $32 and are from my new favorite site Charlotte Russe. Be sure to check them out!