Splurge V Steal
Wow! Monday, why did you come so soon? Sorry I have been MIA for a few days, but with my son returning home from college, I am a little distracted. Between my constant trips to the grocery store (his newfound workout schedule has him hungry all the time), juggling our cars (seems we are one short now that he has returned), and keeping my younger children focused on their schoolwork as we head into their last week of school (is there a reason why we need to schedule a gazillion tests and projects the last week???), I have been busy to say the least. That said, I found a great deal and I want to share it with you. I love the ease of a simple tee shirt dress well-accessorized for a stylish, yet simple outfit as the temperatures rise. One of my favorite looks is a nautical-inspired striped dress with some Keds and sunnies and I am ready for errands, sight-seeing or whatever my children decide we ‘need’ to do. The BOSS dress on the left is from Nordstrom and costs just under $500 and the dress on the right is from Forever21 and costs just under $30 for a budget-friendly option. Those cool sunnies come from a site I just discovered called Fantaseyes and they are running a cool 30%OFF sale right now with the code Summer30. Be sure to check them out for sunnies and other fun accessories to dress up your outfits. Hope you have a great start to your week!
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Tonight is a big night for us as we will be attending a Transition Banquet for our daughter marking her move from one school to another.  Big deal in our household made even bigger by the fact that she will be giving a speech as well as performing a flute solo during the evening. I am sure I do not need to even mention how we agonized over what to wear, further complicated by the perhaps more important question about which killer shoes we should purchase as the perfect accompaniment for her awesome new dress. Of course, my mom intervened and bought her the wildest and most awesome Steve Madden heels–with an inappropriately high (but fun!) heel.  Being the true over-achiever that my daughter is, she started practicing walking in the heels a couple of weeks ago and mastered not only going up and down steps, but doing so carrying her flute and music, all without spraining an ankle in the process. While I am thoroughly looking forward to the evenings festivities, I must admit that I am not going to breathe easily until her performances are over and she is safely sitting beside me.
Once this evening is over, I can turn my attention to picking up our oldest who will be returning home from college after his freshman year.  I cannot wait for the weekend and it is a long weekend at that.  Woo hoo! Great sales abound and I plan to hit a few stores to enjoy the great deals. Forever21 is offering 30%OFF a huge selection of summery items from shorts and tops to bathings suits and accessories.  The adorable sunny yellow tank–one of my top picks–is about $8.00 after the discount while the fringe-inspired earrings come to about $3.50 after the discount has been applied.  You really cannot beat those prices.  Happy Wednesday!
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Dress For Less...
Today is our last day of a two week spring break and I have some very unhappy children on my hands. I have to admit that I feel the same way, but my ‘party line’ is the fact that once we go back, we are basically on a bullet train to the end of the year.  We really only have two months left and then a very blissful three month long hiatus from homework, tests, projects and all things academic.  I will be saying this over and over this weekend and maybe, just maybe, Monday morning won’t the the horror story I am anticipating.
The weekend is almost here though and i hope you all have fun plans.  I am headed to a high-end pop up shop sale and I cannot wait to see all the beautiful clothes, shoes and style options from designers such as Manolo Blahnik and Rag & Bone.  It should be crazy!
Speaking of crazy, there is an awesome dress sale happening right now at Forever21 that I just had to share.  The offer is a BOGO and the second dress is 50%OFF (code B1G150%OFF) which is great, but when you start at prices like $15 for that strapless maxi shown above, the sale is almost too good to be true.  Happy shopping!
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They're Back...
Unless you are still floating in a psychedelic haze, you know that one of the hottest style trends happening right now is the return of the fashion from the 70’s.  From crocheted tops to bellbottom jeans, stores are teaming with these cool styles to incorporate into your wardrobe.  But what if you don’t want to look as though you just left Woodstock–or Coachella for you younger readers (trust me, Woodstock was before my time, too, though not far enough)? I think the best way to wear a trend, but not be overwhelmed by it, is to start by choosing one piece that can easily work with items you already own. Take, for instance, bellbottom pants.  What a great addition to your spring wardrobe and if you are anything like me, you are slightly bored with wearing boyfriend jeans, no matter how unbelievably comfortable they are, right?  Bellbottoms offer a completely different silhouette and when paired with a cropped tee or a tank, the look is new and fresh and totally wearable without making you feel as though you are in a time warp. Be sure to check out the my picks (shown above) from Forever 21 where you can choose from a variety of ‘groovy’ styles that are very budget-friendly.
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11 Under $20
Oh my gosh, is it Monday already?  I swear Starbucks should come up with a size larger than venti for Monday mornings–and any other time when you need BIG amounts of coffee to cope with life.  Plus, Mondays during the winter are the worst especially when there is yet another snowstorm on the way.  Yuck.  I am so done–notice the allusion I just made to the tee shirt above?  I so need that tee from Forever 21 and I know it would be on wardrobe repeat for me! You really have to check out their new arrivals as you can expand your wardrobe without needing to expand your budget to boot.  I just love that crocheted top and I can see myself wearing it under a fitted blazer for work and then alone with some skinnies and heels for a casual date night.  Can you believe all the items shown above are less than $20? Happy Monday!