Summer Citrus
Summer is officially here but no one would have guessed that from how our morning started. We have severe thunderstorms and driving rain–not exactly how I would have planned the start to my boys’ lacrosse camp this week. Adding to the chaos, there is so much road construction happening in our state that I need to factor in extra time for detours and potentially getting lost whenever I get in my car. I swear I love my GPS, but sometimes it simply does not recalculate faster enough for this type A+ mom on a mission, but we made it to camp and ‘on time’ to boot. Not too shabby for a Monday morning, if I do say so myself.
With that trip behind me until pick up, and with hot summer days right around the corner, what better way to cool my jangled nerves than with thoughts of an icy pink-toned drink (homemade grapefruit soda YUM!) and all things citrusy. Personally, I love anything citrus from sunny lemons to beautiful deep green limes, but my all-time favorite is pink grapefruit–pink has always been my favorite color! The Body Shop has this luscious Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub that not only helps to slough away the stress of your day ,but it leaves your skin feeling so soft and smelling so divine that it seems almost good enough to eat (but don’t, okay?). Once your skin is ready to be bared, that Charlotte Russe bikini is perfect with its citrus-toned colors. The best part is that it costs less than $38.  Be sure to check out my other delectable pink grapefruit products and have a great Monday!
Shoe Obsession
I am a total shoe addict which is not so much a confession as much as a statement of the obvious. My shoe total is in the triple digits but we won’t mention that to my husband, okay?  The funny thing is that despite sharing a closet, I really don’t think he has a clue as to how many pairs of shoes I actually own or perhaps he just has the decency to not mention it if he does.  I appreciate that, really I do especially since I have absolutely no intention of curtailing this little addiction of mine. I am currently obsessed with the lucite heel and the dove gray lace-ups are at the top of my ‘Lusting For’ list.  That said, they are from Barneys and cost $1125 so they will stay on the list and alas will not be added to my closet. Sigh.  The sexy two-tone embellished pair will definitely be coming home with me!  They cost less than $32 and are from my new favorite site Charlotte Russe. Be sure to check them out!