Green With Envy...
…and just like that, today marks the end of another school year. I cannot believe how fast the year went and I worry that the rest will move all too quickly for me as well.  I just love the ‘little’ stage. I think I peaked too early as my all time favorite stage for my children was definitely  0-5 years. I miss their little voices and the fact that everything is so new and exciting to them. I even miss playing with all the Little People toys and marveling at each and every new thing they learned. While I certainly enjoy every stage of their development, I sure do miss the ‘simpler’ times as Middle School girl drama and tween boy crazies are wildly over-rated!
I am trying to relish my last hour or so of calm before my not-so-little guys get out of school and we head out for our annual Last Day of School lunch.  For me, there is no better color that emanates ‘serenity’ like green. No matter what the shade, from a light, refreshing mint tone to the darker, more lush grass tone, green not only soothes the senses but it is also quite complimentary for most skin tones. I just love that mint and crystal bracelet from Max and Chloe plus it is less than $30.  Happy weekend, everyone!
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