Splurge V Steal
Wow! Monday, why did you come so soon? Sorry I have been MIA for a few days, but with my son returning home from college, I am a little distracted. Between my constant trips to the grocery store (his newfound workout schedule has him hungry all the time), juggling our cars (seems we are one short now that he has returned), and keeping my younger children focused on their schoolwork as we head into their last week of school (is there a reason why we need to schedule a gazillion tests and projects the last week???), I have been busy to say the least. That said, I found a great deal and I want to share it with you. I love the ease of a simple tee shirt dress well-accessorized for a stylish, yet simple outfit as the temperatures rise. One of my favorite looks is a nautical-inspired striped dress with some Keds and sunnies and I am ready for errands, sight-seeing or whatever my children decide we ‘need’ to do. The BOSS dress on the left is from Nordstrom and costs just under $500 and the dress on the right is from Forever21 and costs just under $30 for a budget-friendly option. Those cool sunnies come from a site I just discovered called Fantaseyes and they are running a cool 30%OFF sale right now with the code Summer30. Be sure to check them out for sunnies and other fun accessories to dress up your outfits. Hope you have a great start to your week!
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B/W + Pop of Color
Ah, Wednesday–we are halfway through the week and we finally are seeing some sunshine today.  Rumor has it that we are also going to reach about 80 degrees as well. Maybe summer truly is just around the corner. I was mentally assessing my wardrobe for the warmer weather and I realized how little black and white I actually own for summer despite loving the crisp look–I must remedy that with a little sale shopping. I especially like the trend of pairing black and white with pops of color, specifically yellow and red. Be it a colorful shoe or handbag, that pop of color makes the black and white palette come alive. Right now, BananaRepublic is offering 40%OFF (code BRNEWYOU) everything from dresses to tops and shorts to shoes and jewelry, all at great prices plus the additional discount. I just love that ruffle tiered dress and those lemon yellow shoes would look great with dresses and skirts as well as your favorite boyfriend jeans. That little fringe necklace is totally on trend right now,too. Happy shopping! Linking up with The Miller Affect and High Latitude Style today–check it out!
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Steal of the Day
I cannot believe that we have yet another day of rain and it is a Monday, too. But, we do have today off and we are heading to the movies, so it is all good.  My son is home from college, too! Things are definitely looking brighter for me, plus, there are only two more weeks left of school before summer vacation–and it cannot come fast enough more me! I have definitely ‘checked-out’ of this school year (thank heaven my children are more focused than I am right now or we would be in big trouble!).
I just discovered a great new site called Make Me Chic which just happens to be offering 30%OFF their already great prices.  I just love that flirty off the shoulder dress with the crochet hem.  Can you believe it is less than $25 after the discount?  Those cute little flip flops are less than $10 after the discount. So many pretty and stylish items, all for super low prices.  You must check it out!
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Tonight is a big night for us as we will be attending a Transition Banquet for our daughter marking her move from one school to another.  Big deal in our household made even bigger by the fact that she will be giving a speech as well as performing a flute solo during the evening. I am sure I do not need to even mention how we agonized over what to wear, further complicated by the perhaps more important question about which killer shoes we should purchase as the perfect accompaniment for her awesome new dress. Of course, my mom intervened and bought her the wildest and most awesome Steve Madden heels–with an inappropriately high (but fun!) heel.  Being the true over-achiever that my daughter is, she started practicing walking in the heels a couple of weeks ago and mastered not only going up and down steps, but doing so carrying her flute and music, all without spraining an ankle in the process. While I am thoroughly looking forward to the evenings festivities, I must admit that I am not going to breathe easily until her performances are over and she is safely sitting beside me.
Once this evening is over, I can turn my attention to picking up our oldest who will be returning home from college after his freshman year.  I cannot wait for the weekend and it is a long weekend at that.  Woo hoo! Great sales abound and I plan to hit a few stores to enjoy the great deals. Forever21 is offering 30%OFF a huge selection of summery items from shorts and tops to bathings suits and accessories.  The adorable sunny yellow tank–one of my top picks–is about $8.00 after the discount while the fringe-inspired earrings come to about $3.50 after the discount has been applied.  You really cannot beat those prices.  Happy Wednesday!
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Is there a weekend close at hand?  I certainly hope so because this was one long week for us between tests, projects, concerts and lacrosse games.  Of course, our weekend is filled to the brim with ‘must do’s’ as well, but at least I can look fashionable while managing all those errands and events.  It was not the best week for me, so one of the few things that almost always guarantees a mood-lift is some retail therapy and judging from my mood, I am going to need a lot of it!  I am adding those perforated flats to my wish list along with that awesome embellished cross body bag.  I know that bag will be on repeat throughout the summer with everything from these denim shorts to a Bohemian-inspired maxi dress.  Honestly, it even would look adorable paired with a bikini for carrying essentials at the beach or pool. Be sure to see what else is new at Nordstrom this weekend.  You won’t be disappointed!
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The Stella Tote
My oldest son was never really into sports. At first we thought he was not overly athletic, but quickly realized that was not the case. It seemed that he just never clicked with any of the numerous sports we had explored.  When he was about 4 years old, we tried soccer but when the ball and the team went one way, my son ran in the other direction. We quickly moved on to baseball–his father’s first love–and though we toughed it out for many a season, he never really enjoyed playing and I certainly did not enjoy the amount of cajoling it took to get him to reluctantly head to practice each week. Middle school tested his desire (and often my patience) to try tennis (lasted one season), cross country (gruesome for all concerned) and swimming (fair, but certainly not a big win). All this changed, however, in his sophomore year of high school when our school started a lacrosse program and my son became one of the members of the inaugural team.  Bingo! Not only did he take to it immediately, but it has become a huge part of his life and he is now not only coaching young players, but he is playing on his college team which is currently heading into the semi-final round of the MCLA National Lacrosse Tournament. I could not be any more proud of him and his team.
So what does that have to do with this awesome Stella McCartney bag from Adidas, you might ask?  Well, I spend a lot of time on lacrosse fields (I have two other players, too) and since Mother Nature is not a kind soul where we live and does not seem to realize that lacrosse is a spring sport, not a fall or winter one, I have watched games in everything from rain and hail to snow. This bag would be perfect to carry all my essentials as it has a foam and rubber exterior to keeps things dry, not only from the elements but also from sand and water which makes it the perfect summer bag as well. It has draw-cord straps to wear it as a backpack, but it also has handles so it can be carried like a tote.  The best part is that I found it on sale for $45.50 at The Iconic. Check it out! Halfway to the weekend!
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Fun Florals Under $20.00
Not only is it Monday, but it is a rainy dreary day to boot and I woke up with a nasty migraine.  It seems I have been struck with the trifecta of a rough start to a new week.  Hopefully, the medication will kick in soon and the nausea will abate–that would be nice–and I can get started on my errands. If you are a migraine sufferer, you know that they can be so debilitating and the worst part for me is that even after the pounding stops, I just feel so exhausted and wiped out.  Sometimes, I just get so frustrated about losing a day as a result of the pain.
Well, that certainly was a depressing way to start to the week now, wasn’t it?  On to happier things like these adorable floral choices I show above from Sheinside. Not only are they fresh and fun, but each one costs less than $20.00.  Now that is enough to turn my gloomy Monday around for sure.  Check these out along with lots of other budget-friendly choices. You won’t be disappointed.
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