Summer Citrus
Summer is officially here but no one would have guessed that from how our morning started. We have severe thunderstorms and driving rain–not exactly how I would have planned the start to my boys’ lacrosse camp this week. Adding to the chaos, there is so much road construction happening in our state that I need to factor in extra time for detours and potentially getting lost whenever I get in my car. I swear I love my GPS, but sometimes it simply does not recalculate faster enough for this type A+ mom on a mission, but we made it to camp and ‘on time’ to boot. Not too shabby for a Monday morning, if I do say so myself.
With that trip behind me until pick up, and with hot summer days right around the corner, what better way to cool my jangled nerves than with thoughts of an icy pink-toned drink (homemade grapefruit soda YUM!) and all things citrusy. Personally, I love anything citrus from sunny lemons to beautiful deep green limes, but my all-time favorite is pink grapefruit–pink has always been my favorite color! The Body Shop has this luscious Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub that not only helps to slough away the stress of your day ,but it leaves your skin feeling so soft and smelling so divine that it seems almost good enough to eat (but don’t, okay?). Once your skin is ready to be bared, that Charlotte Russe bikini is perfect with its citrus-toned colors. The best part is that it costs less than $38.  Be sure to check out my other delectable pink grapefruit products and have a great Monday!
Clearing The Rack...
I love to shop at NordstromRack but I especially love shopping there during their Clear the Rack specials.  Right now through June 21st, you can take an additional 25% off clearance items (which we both know are already priced affordably to start with!). Take the adorable maxi dress with the twisted-detail accent which turns out to be less than $22!  What a steal and trust me, you will be wearing that maxi on repeat throughout the summer. One of my favorite deals… those strappy floral GUESS sandals with the rhinestone detail. How sexy are they? Not only do they pair perfectly with an LBD or jeans, but they cost less than $50 which makes the deal all the sweeter.  You have to check out my favorites as well as all the other super deals at NordstromRack this weekend. Happy shopping!
Wedding Worthy
Don’t you love the blush color of this outfit? To me, it is both feminine and sexy and the skirt with those two flirty slits is definitely on my wish list. I am currently loving the two-piece dress trend as it expands your wardrobe without blowing up your budget. For instance, this top would look equally sexy and fun over white shorts or even your favorite boyfriend jeans. It dresses up or down with a simple change of accessories. I found the top and skirt along with those pretty dove gray sandals on a site that was new to me called Bardot and the total for both the top and the skirt is less than $110. I will definitely be shopping there again. The jeweled accessories including those fabulous clutches are from Aldo as are those strappy pumps with that chrome stiletto heel. Tres chic!
Beach Dreams...
I really need a vacation.  No, I mean REALLY need a vacation. For a multitude of reasons, none of which are very pleasant, we have not been on a real vacation since 2006 (and it shows!). I dream of being on a soft sandy beach with crystalline azure water and clear blues skies-a soft breeze might be nice as well. While we are at it, might as well add a fruity ice cold drink with an umbrella to round out an already perfect fantasy vacation. Although a trip to the beach might not be happening this summer, at least I can look as though I am having some fun in the sun with some Moroccan Sea Salt Spray from OGX. I love the soft beachy waves it makes without making your hair seem stiff and crunchy. The softly tousled look it gives your hair is so touchable and sexy. Personally, I love every OGX Moroccan product I have tried so far especially the Moroccan Surf Paste which I use daily. It gives my hair exceptional hold but keeps it pliable and ‘stylable’ all day long. Hoping your weekend if filled with lots of fun in the sun!
Please note that I have not received any compensation, either monetary or in the form of free product, for this review. The comments are based on my own opinion and, if you have tried the products, I would love to know what you think as well so please leave a comment!
Shoe Obsession
I am a total shoe addict which is not so much a confession as much as a statement of the obvious. My shoe total is in the triple digits but we won’t mention that to my husband, okay?  The funny thing is that despite sharing a closet, I really don’t think he has a clue as to how many pairs of shoes I actually own or perhaps he just has the decency to not mention it if he does.  I appreciate that, really I do especially since I have absolutely no intention of curtailing this little addiction of mine. I am currently obsessed with the lucite heel and the dove gray lace-ups are at the top of my ‘Lusting For’ list.  That said, they are from Barneys and cost $1125 so they will stay on the list and alas will not be added to my closet. Sigh.  The sexy two-tone embellished pair will definitely be coming home with me!  They cost less than $32 and are from my new favorite site Charlotte Russe. Be sure to check them out!
Green With Envy...
…and just like that, today marks the end of another school year. I cannot believe how fast the year went and I worry that the rest will move all too quickly for me as well.  I just love the ‘little’ stage. I think I peaked too early as my all time favorite stage for my children was definitely  0-5 years. I miss their little voices and the fact that everything is so new and exciting to them. I even miss playing with all the Little People toys and marveling at each and every new thing they learned. While I certainly enjoy every stage of their development, I sure do miss the ‘simpler’ times as Middle School girl drama and tween boy crazies are wildly over-rated!
I am trying to relish my last hour or so of calm before my not-so-little guys get out of school and we head out for our annual Last Day of School lunch.  For me, there is no better color that emanates ‘serenity’ like green. No matter what the shade, from a light, refreshing mint tone to the darker, more lush grass tone, green not only soothes the senses but it is also quite complimentary for most skin tones. I just love that mint and crystal bracelet from Max and Chloe plus it is less than $30.  Happy weekend, everyone!
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Brighten My Day!
Th weather is lousy today and I am cranky as a result.  Don’t you hate days filled with gray skies and rain during springtime? I long for a week filled with clear blue skies, comfortably warm temperatures and bright sunshine! Since Mother Nature does not seem to be cooperating this week, I will have to make my days bright in other ways and what better way to liven up a gray day than with some fun and colorful accessories? Shop Primadonna has a fabulous selection of brightly hued shoes and handbags along with some trendy jewelry options as well. I love that neon yellow hassle necklace or the cool magenta druzy necklace.  Wouldn’t either one look great with a simple tee, a maxi skirt and those chrome and fuchsia flip flops? Budget-friendly, wearable and fun. Brighten your day at Shop Primadonna!
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