Seasonal Transitions
Transitions are not easy for me especially the one that takes us from the beautiful days of summer into the cooler days of fall and then into the horrible, deep-freeze that is our Minnesota winter. Yuck! But I am getting too far ahead of myself–just the mere mention of our never-ending winter sends a shiver down my spine. Let’s get back on track though, shall we? Fall is but a month away but in most areas, the cooler weather comes on slowly allowing for many more weeks of open-toed shoes and cutout booties. I love how I can start wearing some of these booties early in the season without looking as though I have jumped right into winter boots. All three of my picks happen to be Vince Camuto and they are definitely going to be added to my wishlist for fall.  Imagine the open-weave stilettos with your favorite skinny jeans or the open-toe fringe booties with a midi-skirt which is such an on trend look for fall. Maybe some transitions are not that band after all. Please leave a comment and let me know which items are on your fall wishlist!

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