pop Art
Pop art was a movement in the art worlds of both the US and Britain in the mid-1950’s designed to challenge the concept of fine art by incorporating imagery of pop culture. Interesting, no? While I personally would not wear a dress designed to look like a giant can of soup nor would I wear a comic strip printed skirt, I do like the idea of using pop art pieces in small doses to add (wait for it…) a pop of color to an outfit. I just love that colorful multi-strand fabric beaded necklace from H&M that would add just the right amount of color to a simple navy or white tee or, if you are feeling exceptionally daring, it would be the perfect foil for a bright sunshine yellow or fire engine red top as well. Those killer graphic studded heels from Qupid pair well with dress, pants and of course, skinny jeans of all colors. The bottomline is that the power of a pop art piece is up to you because its boldness depends on how daring you feel–tone it down with neutrals or fire it up by pairing it with bolder colors. Try it and let me know what you think!

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