Today has not been the best day, in fact, this week will not be winning any prizes either. Sure I have had some fun times especially watching my boys when they finish at lacrosse camp (thanks, Northstarlax!) and they are so eager to tell me every little detail from their day or sharing some alone time with my daughter–a commodity with three brothers around for the summer. So, what’s the problem? We have been experiencing a very difficult and emotional time as a family and though I have a smile on my face for my children, this week has been particularly hard on me. For reasons you really don’t want me to go into on my style blog (check out Thinking Soup, if you would like to read the back story), I am having trouble managing seeing all the ‘beautiful and perfect’ images on my Instagram and Snap Chat feeds. Looking at them this week seems to be both a blessing and a curse–I find that looking at all the gorgeous pictures and super stylish images helps me to escape from what is not exactly a fun time for us. The other side of the coin, however, is that sometimes all that ‘perfection’ can depress me even more than I already am and it sometimes underscores all that I seem to be lacking both emotionally and (guilty as charged) materialistically. Yes, I know that I could simply stop looking or stop following some of my bloggers (and I know that those images are not true reflections of their daily lives, too) but I honestly don’t want to because more oft than not reading about someone else’s life is my favorite form of escape.
Okay, so I have gone on long enough and provided no great stylish items to check out today but, I am leaving you with that awesome beach shot of Head of the Meadows Beach in Truro, MA. If you live near there, lucky you! If not, be sure to visit if you get the chance. One day, when we move back to the best coast, I am going to visit every beach I can to make up for lost time. I can dream, can’t I?
Happy Hump Day! Almost made it to the weekend!

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