Beach Dreams...
I really need a vacation.  No, I mean REALLY need a vacation. For a multitude of reasons, none of which are very pleasant, we have not been on a real vacation since 2006 (and it shows!). I dream of being on a soft sandy beach with crystalline azure water and clear blues skies-a soft breeze might be nice as well. While we are at it, might as well add a fruity ice cold drink with an umbrella to round out an already perfect fantasy vacation. Although a trip to the beach might not be happening this summer, at least I can look as though I am having some fun in the sun with some Moroccan Sea Salt Spray from OGX. I love the soft beachy waves it makes without making your hair seem stiff and crunchy. The softly tousled look it gives your hair is so touchable and sexy. Personally, I love every OGX Moroccan product I have tried so far especially the Moroccan Surf Paste which I use daily. It gives my hair exceptional hold but keeps it pliable and ‘stylable’ all day long. Hoping your weekend if filled with lots of fun in the sun!
Please note that I have not received any compensation, either monetary or in the form of free product, for this review. The comments are based on my own opinion and, if you have tried the products, I would love to know what you think as well so please leave a comment!

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