Steal of the Day
I cannot believe that we have yet another day of rain and it is a Monday, too. But, we do have today off and we are heading to the movies, so it is all good.  My son is home from college, too! Things are definitely looking brighter for me, plus, there are only two more weeks left of school before summer vacation–and it cannot come fast enough more me! I have definitely ‘checked-out’ of this school year (thank heaven my children are more focused than I am right now or we would be in big trouble!).
I just discovered a great new site called Make Me Chic which just happens to be offering 30%OFF their already great prices.  I just love that flirty off the shoulder dress with the crochet hem.  Can you believe it is less than $25 after the discount?  Those cute little flip flops are less than $10 after the discount. So many pretty and stylish items, all for super low prices.  You must check it out!
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