Is there a weekend close at hand?  I certainly hope so because this was one long week for us between tests, projects, concerts and lacrosse games.  Of course, our weekend is filled to the brim with ‘must do’s’ as well, but at least I can look fashionable while managing all those errands and events.  It was not the best week for me, so one of the few things that almost always guarantees a mood-lift is some retail therapy and judging from my mood, I am going to need a lot of it!  I am adding those perforated flats to my wish list along with that awesome embellished cross body bag.  I know that bag will be on repeat throughout the summer with everything from these denim shorts to a Bohemian-inspired maxi dress.  Honestly, it even would look adorable paired with a bikini for carrying essentials at the beach or pool. Be sure to see what else is new at Nordstrom this weekend.  You won’t be disappointed!
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