The Stella Tote
My oldest son was never really into sports. At first we thought he was not overly athletic, but quickly realized that was not the case. It seemed that he just never clicked with any of the numerous sports we had explored.  When he was about 4 years old, we tried soccer but when the ball and the team went one way, my son ran in the other direction. We quickly moved on to baseball–his father’s first love–and though we toughed it out for many a season, he never really enjoyed playing and I certainly did not enjoy the amount of cajoling it took to get him to reluctantly head to practice each week. Middle school tested his desire (and often my patience) to try tennis (lasted one season), cross country (gruesome for all concerned) and swimming (fair, but certainly not a big win). All this changed, however, in his sophomore year of high school when our school started a lacrosse program and my son became one of the members of the inaugural team.  Bingo! Not only did he take to it immediately, but it has become a huge part of his life and he is now not only coaching young players, but he is playing on his college team which is currently heading into the semi-final round of the MCLA National Lacrosse Tournament. I could not be any more proud of him and his team.
So what does that have to do with this awesome Stella McCartney bag from Adidas, you might ask?  Well, I spend a lot of time on lacrosse fields (I have two other players, too) and since Mother Nature is not a kind soul where we live and does not seem to realize that lacrosse is a spring sport, not a fall or winter one, I have watched games in everything from rain and hail to snow. This bag would be perfect to carry all my essentials as it has a foam and rubber exterior to keeps things dry, not only from the elements but also from sand and water which makes it the perfect summer bag as well. It has draw-cord straps to wear it as a backpack, but it also has handles so it can be carried like a tote.  The best part is that I found it on sale for $45.50 at The Iconic. Check it out! Halfway to the weekend!
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