Fun Florals Under $20.00
Not only is it Monday, but it is a rainy dreary day to boot and I woke up with a nasty migraine.  It seems I have been struck with the trifecta of a rough start to a new week.  Hopefully, the medication will kick in soon and the nausea will abate–that would be nice–and I can get started on my errands. If you are a migraine sufferer, you know that they can be so debilitating and the worst part for me is that even after the pounding stops, I just feel so exhausted and wiped out.  Sometimes, I just get so frustrated about losing a day as a result of the pain.
Well, that certainly was a depressing way to start to the week now, wasn’t it?  On to happier things like these adorable floral choices I show above from Sheinside. Not only are they fresh and fun, but each one costs less than $20.00.  Now that is enough to turn my gloomy Monday around for sure.  Check these out along with lots of other budget-friendly choices. You won’t be disappointed.
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