Anatomy of a ‘Like’


My son once told me that I was a chronic ‘liker.’  To put it in perspective he was not talking about how I feel about life or that would have yielded a completely different comment. Instead, he was talking about the fact that I have a tendency to hit the ‘like’ button (or the little heart if on Instagram) more often than he ever would.  It got me to thinking about the reasons why I ‘like’ so much and also what others think about before they hit the ‘like’ button themselves. To be honest, I suppose I am not that discriminating when I like something as my reasons for doing so range from thinking that a picture is pretty, to loving the way a blogger styled a particular item to needing someone to know I LOVE those shoes or even that I think their baby is adorable (or a dog or even those adorable baby turtles all toddling down back into the ocean).  His comment also made me a little self-conscious so I have now started to comment along with the ‘like’ lest someone think I am the chronic liker I was accused of being.

Honestly though, what is wrong with simply showing the person that you like their picture-whatever the reason?  While I don’t think that obsessing over the number of ‘likes’ one gets is healthy, I also don’t think that I am diluting my option my liking a lot of photos.  Killer shoes?  LIKE Gorgeous beach?  LIKE Precious baby?  LIKE Fabulous sale? You got it, LIKE! Now if only I could find the ‘dislike’ button for Mondays, lousy weather and empty coffee cups, I would be golden.  So, why do you hit the ‘like’ button?  Please feel free to leave a comment as I would love to know why you ‘like’ what you do.

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Anatomy of a ‘Like’

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