Practically Speaking
This afternoon, while waiting for my son’s lacrosse game to start, another mom and I started chatting about her daughter’s choice in shoes. You see her daughter is a college student looking for internships in a very professional environment, so while she wants to be stylish and wear age-appropriate clothing, she also needs to be practical.  Let’s face it, there are plenty of fabulous shoe options out there, but a lot of them don’t belong in an office environment especially when you are young and trying to prove how capable and mature you are each day. Teetering on stilettos sends the wrong message. That does not mean that you cannot have some fun with your footwear selections.  I think that every woman needs some basic ‘go-to’ shoes that not only work well with a multitude of outfits, but that don’t hurt your budget or your feet at the end of a long day.  A pretty neutral patent pump and a lower heeled D’Orsay pump in a where-with-anything black are great additions to any shoe wardrobe.  Of course, being the shoe lover that I am, I had to throw in the bright perforated pump for the fun of it because despite the wild color, it pairs well with navy, black, white and neutrals, too. There isn’t anything frumpy about these mid-heeled shoes.  All the above selections can be found in one of my favorite shoe departments at Nordstrom.

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