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I know this is totally off-topic and truly very random, but my slow cooker is my friend.  No, seriously. Once we return to school after spring break. we are on a bullet train to the end with more sports, projects, homework, tests, concerts and shows that we can shake a stick at–all jammed into the final 6 weeks of school.  On some nights, I literally need to be in two (or more) places at once all while trying to remember to feed our dog and take her out while not being late for a pick up at school or (horror of horrors) missing a game.  The last thing I need to worry about is making dinner when we get in late, time is wasting and the children have homework and studying to do.  I always laughed at the idea of a slow cooker, but with all we have on our plates these days, it is nice to know that a healthy dinner can be on them as well.  Just saying.
Now on to a more fashion-related topic.  I don’t know about you, but I must say that I never think about a ‘formal’ purse until I need one and then I am scrambling to find something appropriate and budget-friendly as I spend way more time on a lacrosse field than I do in a formal setting.  That said, there is always a need for a cute purse and with this being prom and wedding season, what better time to show you a few of my top choices, none over $50.00 from TJMaxx. The clutch is such a statement piece and I love the embellishments such as pearls, glitter and the great sparkly fabric options I’ve shown above that add so much flair to even the most basic LBD.  The weekend is almost in sight!
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