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Here it is, Monday once again.  Why is it that the weekends fly by so quickly,  but any two days of the week move by much more slowly? I think the only reason why I am in a somewhat good mood this morning is because the sun is shining, birds are singing and I think I have finally reached a point where I can put away my long down coat until at least November.  Yay!

I don’t know about you, but I am always checking out new blogs and and I love reading other bloggers’ lists of their favorite fashion/lifestyle bloggers,  so I decided to put together a short list of my own.  Although I have only been blogging for the past two months or so, I have been an avid reader of fashion blogs for over two years and I am an Instagram addict–the more pictures I can see, the better.  I just love how Instagram allows us to not only check out the fashion and style inspiration of bloggers, but I love how the viewer is able to share in daily wardrobe choices, see beautiful homes and travel locations and take a peak into bloggers’ lives and families all through the gorgeous pictures they post. So here are but a few of my favorite bloggers (in no particular order).  Enjoy!

EllivenStudio Julie is simply gorgeous and her home is just a beautiful.

TheFreckledFox  Emily is the mom to four precious children with another on the way and she looks amazing!

TheBrooklynBlonde An absolute must-follow for Helena’s incredible style.

ASpoonfulofStyle Jade is a new mom who has impeccable style (and her daughter is a little angel)

JimmyChoosandTennisShoes Tara has a love for bright colors and high heels and she always looks amazing (her little girl is just too precious)

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