As if Mondays are not bad enough already, today is rainy and cold and marks the end of spring break for my son who heads back to college this evening. Although I have made great strides in becoming more used to this whole college experience, I still have trouble when he walks out the door.  Frankly, I will never get used to the separation and I dread the day that I will be an empty nester once his siblings head off to college and out the door as well.  I joke that I should ‘adopt’ a pre-schooler and follow that child and his/her parents along throughout the school years just so that I can have the experience of doing it again because i love those early years so much. My favorite time is pregnancy through kindergarten, such a magical time. I really should have started having children earlier in life so that I could have had a larger family, however, my husband would argue that children is definitely more than enough regardless of when we got started having them!
On a different note, if you have some time today you should definitely check out the awesome 50% everything sale at LOFT.  I am definitely going to pick up that adorable swing top which comes to less than $23 after the discount and that boho-insprired lace top–so feminine and airy–is $25 after the discount has been applied.  Too many options to list so be sure to check it out.  A great way to brighten your Monday!
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