I just don’t get the thrill of pulling off an April Fool’s joke but I think I might be in the minority as my daughter spent much of last night trolling Pinterest looking for the ultimate (and private school appropriate) gag.  Personally, with the exception of a really special ‘gift for no reason,’ I am not a fan of surprises which probably does not shock anyone who truly knows me and my Type A+ personality. I crave control and lets face it, if you are surprised, you were not part of the planning process and that just does not work well for me. That said, I cannot wait to find out if my daughter was able to ‘fool’ her friends today and if I guided her choice well enough to escape getting in trouble with her school’s administration.
Choices are good and this season we are seeing a new pants option or should I say a revival of an option from another decade.  The culotte, sometimes referred to as gouchos, is longer than Bermuda shorts but shorter than cropped pants with wider legs and a much more fluid silhouette. I think it is a fun option for spring because culottes act like a skirt, but offer the comfort of pants.  The key to wearing them is balance.  A cropped top, a more body hugging tee shirt or even a more refined tee tucked in will present a polished and stylish look–the key is too avoid anything too long, flowing or boxy which will throw off the overall balance of the look.
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