Dress For Less...
Today is our last day of a two week spring break and I have some very unhappy children on my hands. I have to admit that I feel the same way, but my ‘party line’ is the fact that once we go back, we are basically on a bullet train to the end of the year.  We really only have two months left and then a very blissful three month long hiatus from homework, tests, projects and all things academic.  I will be saying this over and over this weekend and maybe, just maybe, Monday morning won’t the the horror story I am anticipating.
The weekend is almost here though and i hope you all have fun plans.  I am headed to a high-end pop up shop sale and I cannot wait to see all the beautiful clothes, shoes and style options from designers such as Manolo Blahnik and Rag & Bone.  It should be crazy!
Speaking of crazy, there is an awesome dress sale happening right now at Forever21 that I just had to share.  The offer is a BOGO and the second dress is 50%OFF (code B1G150%OFF) which is great, but when you start at prices like $15 for that strapless maxi shown above, the sale is almost too good to be true.  Happy shopping!
Today I am linking up with Fashion Should Be Fun. To follow me on social media, just click on the three bar button at the top of the page and follow along. Thanks!

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