Brand Watch: A Peace Treaty
Mother Nature, you are really getting on my nerves!  Honestly, not only is it Monday, but it snowed at least 4 inches last night and it is supposed to be spring.  I swear if one person tells me not to worry about it because spring snow disappears so quickly, I may scream.  There should not be snow in the spring.  None!  Not at all!  That said, while it is a snowy Monday, we still have another week left of spring break so it is really could be worse,  I suppose–like next Monday and the return to school. Eek! Plus, what better way to get my mind off the weather than to share some gorgeous jewelry I discovered this weekend from the brand A Peace Treaty.
I must admit a little secret of mine which is that I sometimes play a game called Covet which my daughter discovered and quickly brought to my attention.  Basically, it is a wanna-be-stylist’s dream with high end clothing and jewelry to style on pretty virtual models.  The best part is that all the clothing, shoes and accessories can be bought directly through the website.  See it, style it and then buy it for yourself.  Too much fun.  I was introduced to A Peace Treaty jewelry through this game and have since followed the brand on my own and have added many of their pieces (some shown above) to my wish list.  Please check them out and let me know you think!

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