Today is our 27th anniversary and in light of that special occasion, I decided to take a momentary digression from my usual fashion posts to tell you a little about my wedding.  Weddings back then were not the hyper-designed events they are today.  The concept of using a wedding planner was still a foreign concept for most brides, there were no engagement pictures nor were there many of the other modern trappings of today’s wedding found back then but, we still knew how to plan an event.  Here are some of the highlights from ours…

The dress: Purchased at Kleinfedt’s original Brooklyn, NY location

The bridesmaid dresses: Purchased at Kleinfeldt’s original Brooklyn, NY location (fun fact–I wanted the bridesmaid dresses to offset mine, but I did not want them to be black, so I chose the next best thing, gunmetal gray.  I also have a flair for the dramatic so the front of the dresses might have had high necklines,  but they were almost backless).

The reception: Tavern on the Green, NYC (fun fact–I absolutely did not want it held there.  My original choice was Maxwell’s Plum, also owned by Warner LeRoy, Tavern’s owner, but 38 days before the wedding–but AFTER my invitations had been mailed, mind you–the new chef at Maxwell’s decided that she did not want to do weddings. I was not a happy camper, but I negotiated a deal and we moved forward with the planning).

The cake: Designed and crafted by Sylvia Weinstock (fun fact–though I never wanted to get married, I had been carrying a dog-eared copy of a photo of one of her cakes in my wallet that I had cut out of a magazine when I was about 17 years old.  My then-fiance and I met with Ms. Weinstock to discuss our wedding cake and she was overwhelmed when I showed her the old photo.  It was quite a thrill for me to see her reaction.  She is legendary.)

The honeymoon: Cancun, Mexico (fun fact: well, maybe not so much fun as interesting. Our hotel was decimated in a hurricane a few years after we our beautiful vacation).

So there you have it.  A few facts about the start of our 27 year journey in marriage with four children, living in four states (so far) and multiple moves within them…and they said it wouldn’t last.

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