I simply cannot believe the incredible weather we are having this week.  I am trying to enjoy every minute of the sunshine and hoping that the icy cold days of winter are truly behind us.  Not only are the days getting warmer, but they are also going to be getting busier what with all the events that springtime usually brings along with it.  I swear social events such as weddings and baby showers increase incrementally as we head toward summer plus, throw Easter into the mix, and we have ample need for lots of beautiful dresses.  I happened to be scrolling through the NordstromRack site (I cannot get over their amazing prices!) and picked out the beauties shown above.  The darling dress with the awesome beaded skirt is less than $30 and that gorgeous gown–I just had to include it in the mix because it would be a fabulous choice for an evening event–is less than $90!  Sexy, stylish and budget-friendly.  A win all around.
Enjoy your day and be sure to check out Random Wednesday as I am linking up this week plus be sure to check out What I Wore, too.

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