Gift Ideas For Men…

Gift Ideas For Men...
I don’t know about you but I find buying gifts for my husband very stressful.  Not that he is difficult to please, but let’s face it, how many shirts and ties or gift cards does a guy need?  That’s why this year I decided to search for gifts that he did not even know he might want.  For instance, how could you miss with a keychain from entitled “I’m Nuts About You”?  Direct and to the point, no?  For those who love to throw their heart and soul into Valentine’s Day, then the Jason Thompson 12 Ways to Say I Love You Journal would make a perfect gift.  Imagine being able to tell your partner how you truly feel about your relationship in a creative and personal way, with plenty of room to write your feelings as well as to add photos and keepsakes.
Perhaps the Black Whiskey Stones Gift Set is more to his liking enabling his favorite drink to be chilled without being diluted.  One of my favorite gifts is the John and Charlotte Guptill Custom Map Keyring where you provide the location of a special memory, such as the place you met or first lived together, and a map of the location is custom cut and set in resin for you to preserve the memory forever.  Imagine your partner’s face on Valentine’s Day when he opens one of these very ‘uncommon’ gifts on Valentine’s Day.  Perfection!
Gift Ideas For Men…

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